The Green’s water only policy

The Herald reports:

The Green Party is campaigning for water-only drinks at sports clubs – and National Party’s leader Judith Collins is outraged.

Collins took aim at the for their “crazy” policy, when talking to comedy duo Jono and Ben on The Hits this morning.

“I’m so sick of these people, I mean stop telling everyone what to do and being such bossy boots,” Collins said on the show.

She said she couldn’t get to sleep so decided to have a quick look at the Green Party policies “because I thought that should get me to sleep but it woke me up”.

One policy in particular grabbed her attention: “Support water-only policies in schools, hospitals, and sports clubs,” as stated on the Green’s website.

“So what does that mean? No coffee, so there you are, a poor parent on the sidelines watching your kid get pummelled in rugby or hockey or whatever, and you’re standing there with no coffee.”

Jono and Ben then asked: “What about the beers after the game in the clubrooms?”

Collins fired back, saying: “Exactly, I mean why would you put your body through all that hardship if you didn’t get any reward. Only to have a nice water at the end, I mean for goodness sake.”

The Greens say the policy has been taken out of context but the reality is they love to ban things. One election I counted up over 100 things they wanted to ban.

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