Labour’s Failures Part 5 – climate change

has been good at doing announcements on climate change, but bad at making decisions that will actually reduce emissions. They have set a of net zero emissions by 2050, but their own official Government are for net emissions to keep climbing.

The blue line is net emissions for the last four years of National. The red line the official forecast for net emissions since 2017 from the Ministry for the Environment. These were prepared for the Fourth Biennial Report.

The black line is what they would need to have done pro-rata to be on track for net zero by 2020.

Instead of reducing net emissions, they are planning to increase then from 55,000 kT to over 70,000 kT in six years.

The PM declared climate change her generation’s nuclear free issue. Well if this Government was in power in 1984, it would have probably accidentally built a nuclear weapon by now.

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