Now we just need this in NZ

The Guardian reports:

Andrew Neil has quit the BBC to launch a new right-leaning opinionated rolling news channel which aims to start broadcasting early next year as a rival to the public broadcaster and Sky.

GB News, which has drawn comparisons with Fox News, promises to serve the “vast number of British people who feel underserved and unheard” by existing television news channels, explicitly pitching itself into the middle of the culture war.

Neil said: “We’ve seen a huge gap in the market for a new form of television news … GB News is the most exciting thing to happen in British television news for more than 20 years. We will champion robust, balanced debate and a range of perspectives on the issues that affect everyone in the UK, not just those living in the London area.”

It is no secret that the vast majority of broadcasters lean left, and centre right people often feel alienated from them as they often have a culture of left and woke viewpoints.

In response to this you have Fox News in the US, GB News in the UK and Sky News in Australia.

One day I hope we will have the same in New Zealand. There is definitely a market for it.

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