Should we turn this into an advertisement?

Someone (I do not know who) turned my blog post into a neat little Labour promise tracker graphic. It is very well done and in my view quite powerful.

In fact I like it so much, I wonder if readers think it is worthwhile turning it into an advertisement and paying to have it promoted on Facebook etc. It costs around 10 c a view on Facebook so even $1,000 would get it seen by 10,000 people.

I don’t think the promise tracker will have an impact on the election result per se. No single advertisement will. But I do feel strongly that Labour’s incompetence in delivery has not been covered enough in the media, and that more people should know exactly how appalling their record is. They shouldn’t get a free pass because Covid-19 has distracted us.

There are downsides to turning it into an ad. They are:

  • People could complain about the ad to the ASA, and I’d have to spend hours of time rebutting them and defending it
  • It would need an authorisation statement and would have to remove the Labour logo
  • I’d become more of a participant than a commentator (which I prefer)
  • I’d have to write up detailed paragraphs on each graph linking to the promise Labour made, and the data the result is based on, and I’m pretty busy (to put it mildly) already with running around 10 polls a week and parenting a three year old and ten month old.

But on the other hand, it would be nice to have more people see Labour’s incompetence.

So vote in the non binding poll below, to help me decide. Your vote is also not binding on you. Saying you’d donate $100 to promote it doesn’t result in any commitment. We don’t track individual votes. The vote is simply to give me some idea of how many people might support it, and how many people we could reach with it.

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