Did Tamaki push Tamati out?

Stuff reports:

Destiny Church co-founder says she fulfilled her goal of pushing out Labour MP Tāmati Coffey from Māori seat – even if she didn’t win.

It comes as numbers show Labour lost votes to fringe parties in its only losing seat on election night.

Waiariki was won by the Māori Party’s Rawiri Waititi, the party’s only win on the night, although this could be overturned once the special votes are released.

But Waititi did not dramatically increase the Māori Party’s share of the vote in the seat from 2017. In the end it was Tamaki, the Vision NZ candidate, and parties such as Advance NZ that caught the votes – potentially ending Coffey’s hold on the electorate.

The provisional results for the electorate vote are:

  1. Maori Party 46.5%
  2. Labour 44.5%
  3. Vision NZ 4.1%
  4. Independent 2.6%
  5. Outdoors 1.5%
  6. New Conservative 0.8%

What we don’t know is where the votes for the four minor candidates would have gone if they hadn’t stood.

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