How did the 11 parties that didn’t gain MPs go?

11 parties failed to gain MPs in Parliament at all. How did they go?

  1. NZ First 2.7%. Prognosis: On life support
  2. New Conservative 1.5%. Prognosis: They’ll be back so long as there is evil to smite
  3. TOP 1.4%. Prognosis: As healthy as a cat in the living room of their former leader
  4. Advance NZ 0.9%. Prognosis: World famous due to dismemberment by Tova. Advance NZ will probably go away but expect Billy TK and NZ Public Party to continue and thrive
  5. ALCP 0.3%. Prognosis: On the assumption the referendum is lost, they’ll carry on.
  6. ONE Party 0.12%. Prognosis: There isn’t room for two Christian parties.
  7. NZ Outdoors Party 0.11%. Prognosis: Will be subsumed by NZ Public Party
  8. TEA Party 0.08%. Prognosis: They should join ACT.
  9. Sustainable NZ 0.06%. Prognosis: Hugely embarrassing for a party with such promise. May try again if Greens fail to deliver on issues such as Kermadecs despite no NZ First in Government
  10. Social Credit 0.06%. Prognosis: They will never go away. I mean never. They should retire though as the Reserve Bank seems to be implementing their manifesto.
  11. Heartland NZ 0.04% Prognosis: Not many votes in opposing healthier waterways

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