JLR and Billy TK split

Newshub reports:

On Monday morning, Ross announced Te Kahika Jr had decided to step away from Advance NZ, telling Newshub his former co-leader “wants to do his own thing” and that the decision had been swift.

In a statement sent to media on Monday afternoon, the NZPP confirmed the decision.

It said it would now be “getting back to doing what we do best”, which it says is “researching topics that the Government is not transparent about”.

What they do best is lying, conning people out of money, and spreading conspiracy theories.

In an outlandish video posted to media after the election, Te Kahika Jr claimed the election was “rigged”, and that Advance NZ’s tiny share of the preliminary votes showed it had been “diddled”.

“I’m all okay with not going into Parliament and not winning enough votes – but not [okay] with 1 percent. I’ve been saying all week that if they turn around and say we’ve only got 1 percent then we’ve been diddled,” he said.

“People are waking up very, very quickly to the idea that Government and this whole system is corrupt – it’s not real.”

It’s a pity there are no consequences for lying like this.

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