Surprise – Billy TK is also anti-semitic

Stuff reports:

For the next hour, in a video seen by more than 5000, the leader of the New Zealand Public Party spins a story about the Jewish nation. Using historical half-truths and debunked documents he enlightens his audience about its connection to a Satanic conspiracy, and a global plan to engineer a third world war.

He’s at pains to coat the language, expressing love for his “Israeli whānau”, and asserting that although the Jews killed Jesus, it’s only the Zionists, those Jews behind the nation of Israel, that are the real threat.

“It’s a Satanic deception.”

The voice of New Zealand Jewish Council spokesperson Juliet Moses brims with cool outrage when she explains that the Jewish people have heard this message before.

“Anti-Semitism is at its heart a conspiracy theory,” she says.

“It sees Jews as a shadowy nefarious cabal controlling world events and people in accordance with their evil agenda.”

“It’s insidious poison… I felt like I needed a shower after watching the video,” she says.

It is perhaps no surprise that someone obsessed with conspiracy theories also promotes anti-semitic ones.

The conversation started civilly enough, but soon became heated after the two disagreed about the history of the Jewish nation.

“The next thing he said was ‘we all know whose money controls the world’, so he inferred that we Jews control the world banking system.”

“That’s the line that Adolf Hitler used.”

“Billy went on to say the Rothschilds were Satanists and that Israel is a part of the bigger picture… he was essentially saying Jews control the world. All the same anti-Semitic crap I’ve heard since I was a boy.”

If we do control the world, we’re doing a bad job of it.

A few years back the two bumped into each other and sat down for a cup of coffee.

“He told me the Jews are responsible for all the world’s troubles… he genuinely thinks that. The Zionists control the banks. He was firmly of the belief that they’ve got a lot to say in New Zealand.”

Te Pou says he was dismissive at the time. But watching the crowd at one of Te Kahika’s recent rallies, he felt the need to speak out.

That last quote is from Shane Te Pou. So we have multiple witnesses to what says and believes.

It’s a pity we don’t have ranked voting in NZ, so I could rank bottom.

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