From hero to zero

I used to be a huge fan. It is with a degree of sorrow I observe how he has gone from one of the most respected guys in America to basically a clown.

His appearance in court was almost painful. He didn’t even understand basic legal concepts a first year law student would be expected to know. And then his ranting press conference where his (presumably) hair dye melted down his face made him look like a clown.

He once was in fact a great lawyer. As the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York he successfully prosecuted mafia bosses. His eight years as Mayor of New York saw crime fall massively – well beyond the national average.

His response to 9/11 was a shining example of hands on leadership – he went to the front line and co-ordinated the many city departments involved in the response as well as state and federal authorities. His approval rating hit 79%. He was Time’s Person of the Year.

He was a serious candidate for the Republican nomination in 2008, and he was one of three I thought would be good. He was the front runner in polls for most of 2007. He was one of my political heroes.

But now he has become a clown. Well worse than a clown. Rarely has someone fallen so far. To go from being one of the best District Attorneys in America to someone who couldn’t even mount a coherent legal argument in court.

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