Royal Family net favourability

An interesting poll from YouGov on the net favourability for members of the royal family. In order, they are:

  1. The Queen +71%
  2. Prince William +65%
  3. Duchess of Cambridge +62%
  4. Princess Anne +50%
  5. Prince Charles +24%
  6. Prince Philip +28%
  7. Prince Edward +9%
  8. Duchess of Cornwall +1%
  9. Prince Harry +1%
  10. Duchess of Sussex -26%
  11. Prince Andrew -73%

No huge surprises there. The only member more unpopular than the Duchess of Sussex is the guy the FBI wants to talk to about sex with under age girls.

The Queen, William, Kate and Anne all in a hugely popular tier. Charles and Philip reasonably popular. Edward, Camila and Harry all a bit blah.

Of perhaps more interest is how they have changed since March 2018. The changes in net favourability are:

  1. Prince Charles +15%
  2. Duchess of Cornwall +10%
  3. The Queen +8%
  4. Duchess of Cambridge +6%
  5. Prince William +0%
  6. Prince Philip +0%
  7. Prince Harry -62%
  8. Duchess of Sussex -65%

So Charles and Camilla on the way up. Harry and Meghan have managed to inflict the biggest own goal in history. I mean that is a staggering change.

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