My analysis of the new Ministry

On Patreon I have done a fuller analysis of the new Ministry. This may surprise some, but overall I am very positive. My summary:

Overall this is a very smart Ministry decision by Ardern. They do still have a number of weaker ministers, but the important portfolios have gone to competent Ministers. The critical ones for the next term are:

* Finance – Robertson
* Housing – Woods
* Education – Hipkins
* Health – Little
* Attorney-General – Parker
* Justice – Faafoi
* Transport – Wood

If they manage to deliver and/or manage competently in those areas, they will be well placed in 2023.

But even with reasonably competent Ministers, some of those areas will be very challenging. Housing is looking to be a nightmare with the waiting list skyrocketing even faster than house prices. Repealing Three Strikes could be very unpopular and restructuring is always dangerous, especially at a time of great funding stress.

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