Shelly Bay proceeds

The Herald reports:

Wellington City councillors have voted in favour of selling and leasing land it owns at .

The decision to sell passed by nine votes to six.

A meeting today on the contentious decision lasted more than seven hours, stretching late into the evening.

Tonight’s vote paves the way for a $500 million development featuring 350 homes to proceed.

In favour: Laurie Foon, Tamatha Paul, Nicola Young, Rebecca Matthews, Diane Calvert, Jenny Condie, Jill Day, Fleur Fitzsimons, Teri O’Neill

Not in favour: Sarah Free, Iona Pannett, Sean Rush, Malcolm Sparrow, Simon Woolf, Andy Foster

Tonight’s defeat is a bitter blow for Mayor Andy Foster, whose campaign was part-funded by the staunchly anti development Sir Peter Jackson and Dame Fran Walsh.

I’m very pleased with this outcome. A no vote would have meant Shelly Bay remains a derelict run down former Air Force base with a cafe as the only major attraction there. The buildings are a horrible eyesore.

The Cassels development looks great and exciting. Not only 350 homes but cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Even a hotel. Plus walkways and green space. It is likely you’ll have water taxis between Queen’s Wharf and Shelly Bay.

Let’s get on with it.

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