Thank God the neo-nazis are so dumb

Stuff reports:

Wellington High School went into lockdown for about an hour on Thursday morning after said they received a “credible threat” on media.

A student has revealed how he tipped the school off about an alleged would-be-shooter the Wellington High LGBTQI+ community.

The student’s parent confirmed his son had raised serious concerns about another teenager – not from the school – planning a school shooting.

The shooting was allegedly planned for 2021 but this was moved forward after messages sent by the alleged shooter were passed on to school staff, the student said.

God this is beyond terrible. The poor kids knowing that someone was planning this, even if it never eventuated.

Stuff has seen Instagram messages between the alleged would-be shooter and another person.

Those messages said he planned to share the incident on Facebook: “I can’t wait I’m soo excited.”

His public Instagram page, which has since been taken down, included white supremacist imagery.

Among the posts were a picture of the Christchurch mosque shooter – posted on Thursday morning – as well as a rifle and bullets being held in someone’s hand, posted the night before.

Another student at the school told Stuff the alleged would-be shooter had been posting on media about having a gun and bullets and being a “Nazi”.

Thankfully many neo- and white supremacists are thick as shit, otherwise they wouldn’t post on media about how they have a gun and are a Nazi.

We don’t know if the would-be-shooter did in fact have access to guns, and how he became so radicalised. Thank goodness the were informed in time.

There was also a planned school shooting in Tasman in early 2019, whose trial outcome has just been publicised. Also very disturbing. We don’t know in the case what the motivation was. Was it just a disturbed loner, or was there an ideological motive. It is unfortunate the court has suppressed these details so we don’t know.

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