BIM highlights

The Government has released the Briefings to Incoming Ministers or BIMs. Key takeaways are:

  • MBIE says no more grants to tourism businesses (agree)
  • Treasury says house prices will continue to rise (no surprise Sherlock)
  • Treasury says Govt’s books not sustainable due to rocketing public service costs (borrow and hope)
  • DPMC says child poverty rates will increase (Who’s the Minister?)
  • Ministry of Transport says govt policies will not significantly reduce transport emissions
  • 91% of state houses do not meet the Government’s own compulsory healthy home standards
  • DIA says we need to spend more money on Premier House
  • MBIE wants the borders to open to allow in highly skilled migrants
  • MSD expects 280,000 on the dole by Jan 2022
  • MSD says some of those on the public housing waitlist will never receive a public house

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