Sir Bob responds to Ricardo with an upper cut

As I expected, Sir Bob Jones has responded to the disgraceful and false smear against him by Green MP Ricardo Menendez March in his normal forthright style. The blog is titled:

A horrible Green Party little turd

He first addresses the false claim:

He protested at the simplicity of his film projection job involving pushing a start button and (again, I’m not making this up) being criticised by politicians for calling it a low-skilled job, despite just acknowledging that reality.

Then he moved on to fresh fields which is why people drew my attention to this abomination of a self-centred world class wanker’s maiden speech, saying,

             “I clearly remember seeing clips of Winston Peters and Bob Jones scapegoating immigrants for the housing crisis, for unemployment and for inequality in general. We were also blamed for bringing low-skilled, low wage labour that didn’t contribute to the economy- or so they claimed.”

So here’s a message to this little turd. First, you clearly remember no such thing. The only time I’ve had a TV exchange on immigration with Winston was brief.

Winston: “Walking down Queen Street is like being in Hong Kong”. Me: “Yes. Isn’t it wonderful. All those beautiful Asian girls”

Heh. So there was no TV clip of Sir Bob scapegoating immigrants. It’s something he invented.

Some facts for Menendez March to ponder:I doubt anyone in this nation has been more outspoken over the last 25 years, lauding immigration and especially from Asia.

I don’t doubt but know that no-one has done more to help migrants than me.

I don’t publicise the fact but such is its scale it’s been impossible to hide it.

But unasked I’ve spent millions and continue to do so, helping migrants and especially refugees. I’ve put perhaps a thousand refugee girls through our universities, paid their fees, accommodation costs, provided vouchers for two dresses annually and so on. And it certainly doesn’t stop there but that’s enough to get the picture.

So the person Menendez March attacked as anti-immigrant has help around 1,000 refugees through university.

After this was pointed out to Menendez March, he refused to back down:

So, waking to how utterly wrong he’s been in maligning me, how did Menendez March respond? An Apology! You must be kidding.

Instead he dug his hole even deeper responding with spectacular illiteracy, “the Bob Jones of the world see us as economic units, so yeah nah”.

It’s unbelievable this garbage is in Parliament with his snout in the taxpayer’s pocket. Now if I’m known for anything it’s my advocacy for the humanities.

For four decades I’ve ridiculed B Coms and Commerce degrees (success in business is basically common sense and energy, something alien to the fluttering Menendez March who from his utterances oozes a sense of entitlement).

I’ve forked out millions for history and philosophy students’ scholarships.

I think the real crime is that Sir Bob is wealthy. To a Marxist this is an obscenity. So he chose his maiden speech to smear him.

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