A new level of sycophancy to China

Wayne Brown writes:

Do we really care about the Spratly Islands? Do we really need to make a fuss over Uighur rights in China when we don’t do the same over Police shooting black citizens?

Trade sanctions of the type Australia is facing are a weapon used by both USA and China.

So let’s have a debate on whether we need Five Eyes, or whether it’s time for to trade on independently.

Brown reminds me of the “useful idiots” who used to defend the by claiming it was no worse than the and Nato etc.

Comparing the treatment of Uighurs to police shootings of black citizens is not an argument I believe can be made in good faith. It is offensive and ridiculous.

There have been 192 blacks shot by Police in the US (and 370 whites and 12 hispanics). Of the 192 certainly some of them have been unjustified and the protests against them have (in my opinion) been justified.

That can not be compared to the treatment of Uighurs with an estimated one million sent to mass detention re-education camps. To compare the actions of the occasional rogue police officer with official policy to detain one million people who have committed no crimes, leaving 500,000 children without parents and force into state boarding schools.

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