Proven US Election Voter Fraud – Part 4: Industrial fraud in Georgia

This is part 4 of 4 (cue a sigh of relief from the Trump skeptics). Georgia has become ground zero for 2020 Presidential election voter fraud allegations because in that state, the three types of voter fraud (retail, constitutional and industrial) are all present. Georgia adds an additional layer of fascination because the Governor (Brain Kemp) and the Secretary of State (Brad Raffensperger) are Republicans and tension over voter fraud allegations have sparked intra party tension inside the GA GOP and around the country. The Georgia State Legislature also has the distinction of holding the most hearings on voter fraud and those hearings have been official in that authorized State Senate Committee chairs have convened them under normal committee meeting rules on the premises of the State Legislature. Also, in the GA hearings, Democrat legislators have been present and have cross examined witnesses. In AZ, the hearings were not formal, were attended only by Republican legislators and were held at a hotel in Phoenix. Pennsylvania Legislature hearings had only Republican legislators present.

I covered the retail fraud evidence in Georgia in part 1. Changes to the manner in which the election was held in GA were likely unconstitutional in similar manner to the changes in Pennsylvania and those changes (particularly the watering down of the signature verification process as a consequence of a Consent Decree between the GA Secretary of State’s office and the GA Democratic Party) have been front and centre in the constitutional challenges about the GA elections. Much is made of all the lawsuits on election fraud that have failed. Analyzing all the cases would be a separate lengthy post in itself that I won’t attempt, suffice it to say that the mainstream media narrative is to lump all suits together as one mass of failure with little to no analysis as to why specific suits did not succeed. Standing matters, quality of evidence matters, matching the remedy to the alleged fraud matters and yes, the politics of the judges matters hugely as does a natural human reluctance to not be the one person to overturn a Presidential election. Time also matters – large fraud takes time to prove, even for law enforcement agencies who have the resources of a state or federal government to back them up. Much of the work of unearthing the fraud has been done by a small number of experts who lack resources and lawsuits have been brought in a scattergun throw-it-all-up-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach. If you want Federal judges to take your case seriously then you have to do better than that. The Trump campaign itself has filed relatively few suits and it has one already accepted by SCOTUS to be heard (the PA case on 22/1/21). In the case of Georgia, several of the failed suits were filed by Sidney Powell and Atlanta based defamation attorney Lin Wood. Powell’s suits invoke her “Kraken” which comprises allegations of the vast global network of foreign interference and control of the Dominion machines. Proving allegations like this are best left to the heads of agencies like the CIA or DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and pulling together proof of anything this grand, assuming the institutional stomach exists to even do it, would take years of costly intelligence work. It is little wonder that Powell’s suits are summarily dismissed. Wood likewise lays out the GA fraud but lards his suits with the same ‘Kraken’ stuff and then accompanies his efforts with endless and quite nasty personal attacks on judges and the very GA Republican politicians he is attempting to get courts to rule against. This is tactical stupidity and so some of the legitimate and legally correct arguments he might make in the GA situation are lost in the hot mess of the grand conspiracy stuff he traffics in. This almost begs a court to dismiss. Still other suits are brought by well meaning individuals and organisations who avoid these excesses but nonetheless don’t have sufficient standing to warrant the extreme remedy being sought. In the midst of this thicket of messy and ineffectual suits are a handful that are targeted, factual and backed by evidence brought by plaintiffs with clear standing and they are the few that are working their way through the layers of courts. Time will tell how many SCOTUS will hear.

When it comes to the allegations of industrial fraud, that of manipulation of vote totals by tabulation machines and of the introduction of fraudulent ballots on a large scale to provide the paper ballot backup to the machine manipulation, I covered in Part 3 some of the difficulties in proving this. Perhaps the most public and significant of these allegations revolve around the footage of election workers in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Fulton County, GA filmed on security camera on the day and evening of November 3rd as presented by the Trump campaign to members of the Georgia Legislature at the first set of GA hearings held on December 3rd. The GA Secretary of State’s office and a number of liberal fact check sites were quick out of the blocks with denials and explanations and if you are a Trump supporter or someone inclined to believe there was election fraud, the video was a slam dunk and if you are not a Trump fan and think that the election fraud claims are either false or overblown then the fact checks will mean you will say or write that this footage has been debunked. I am going to devote only this paragraph on this incident but claim, counter claim and counter-counter claims are well summarised in this then this excellent article. In reality, unless a court has time to subpoena and hear witness testimony under oath from all participants in this event with election and forensic experts pouring over the video footage, the effect of this incident will be more to provide a sense of disquiet about what actually happened that adds to other evidence that continues to come forth sufficient for the GA Legislature to order forensic examinations of the machines and for some to urge a rethink its certification of the 16 Biden electors for Georgia.

On Wednesday last week (30/12/20), at the 2nd GA State Legislature hearing, more of that evidence was forthcoming and it was more definitively compelling and sparked a response that somewhat reinforces the allegations of fraud. Perhaps the most compelling 20 minutes of testimony came from three members of the Data Integrity Group (DIG).  Their testimony is found from 4:24’16” to 4:46’0”, the bulk of which was done by Justin Mealey, a former electronic warfare technician with the US Navy for 9 years, a CIA contract data analyst and programmer for the National Counterintelligence Centre and currently working for one of the big 4 accounting firms as a programmer. and David Lobue, a machine learning expert and data scientist.

They began by saying that they are data analysts, and that data are numbers and data are nonpartisan. The DIG believe they have proven fraud in GA with data by analysing 3 data sources:

1 – The New York Times/Edison Research data feed which are time series publications of votes added at different intervals county by county.

2 – Scytl data source which bifurcates the same data to Edison and the GA Secretary of State and his office’s certification of GA was off that data source.

3 – GA Secretary of State’s own data as a third check.

On this data they applied vigorous and thoroughly tested standard fraud detection processes and machine learning algorithms used to routinely detect fraud in many real world fraud settings. The data sources are freely available to the public and the DIG processes, codes and research is public so it can be replicated. Their research in GA alone unearthed 40 negative vote instances (by that they mean that incremental time sequential vote totals for Trump went backwards) and vote switching events totaling 200,000 votes.

In Fulton County (incorporating metropolitan Atlanta), they found that Biden garnered the following statistically impossible vote percentages in the following precincts:

90 to 93% in 28 precincts

94% in 51 precincts

95% in 36 precincts

96 to 100% in 36 precincts

So, in 150 + in Fulton County precincts, Biden ‘won’ over 90% of the vote and got a total of 152,000 votes. In Dekalb County, Biden got 90% or more of the vote in a staggering 94 precincts. Both counties voting patterns are, to experienced data analysts, major markers for fraud. Note that Biden’s current margin in GA is only 11,779 votes. They discovered vote count switching in 3 counties: Dodge, Putnam and Dougherty. Please note that with ongoing reporting of vote counts, incremental vote totals can only be additive.

From these 3 counties alone, over the time period investigated, 30,000 Trump votes disappear. Why would cumulative vote totals go backwards? Because votes were being switched and removed from Trump’s total. The updates occurred from other counties simultaneously that were not switched thus hiding the effect statewide. In one single instance, that occurred in the few minutes time lag between the state aggregation of county results, this switch in Bibb County went undetected in state reporting especially as it occurred between the state refresh and update:

9:11pm                 Trump 29,391 Biden 17,218

9:13pm                 Trump 17,218 Biden 29,391

A direct switch of 23,173 votes in the space of a couple of minutes.

The DIG explained the only way that this could occur by going through, with the use of graphics, the GA voting process which is as follows:

  1. The voter is checked at a Poll pad (a tablet at the first desk you come to at a polling station)
  2. The voter casts their vote at a precinct terminal in a polling booth and the image is saved on the voting machine
  3. When the polls close, the SD cards from each machine containing all ballot images are removed from the terminal and transported by car (in Fulton county to one of 4 drop off locations)
  4. The SD cards are taken in police cars to a warehouse in downtown Atlanta
  5. Inside this location, the raw votes are run through tabulation software called Democracy Suites which counts the ballots and exports the totals to a Dominion server
  6. Dominion inserts these totals into a sequel server database
  7. Those results are directly transmitted to the Scytl reporting server
  8. The Scytl sever reports to the SOS website and Edison then Edison to CNN, ABC, NYT, CBS, AP and Fox and then on to wider media outlets reporting results.

DIG focused on the 4 options that can occur at the tabulation machine (step 5). 1 – create new batches, 2 – reject batches (delete manually or manually enter vote numbers), 3 – validate batches and 4 – validate and publish. Anyone with access to the election software has the ability to manipulate large batches of votes all BEFORE data are uploaded to the server. Apart from step 5, the whole process is machine to machine using humans only as a medium of transfer – there is no human entry of any data into a spreadsheet, this removes the human error or glitch argument as there is no human data entry as part of the process. The vulnerability in the system is the vote tabulation machine where everything either side is essentially tamper proof.

There should never be any subtraction of votes in the incremental process of adding new votes as time goes by and more votes are counted. So how was the fraud achieved? I take you back to the forensic analysis of the Antrim County Dominion machines. Remember the built in error rate 1000 times larger than the federally mandated limit that sent two thirds of the votes to adjudication. Watch this 20 second TV announcement on election day with a Fulton County Elections spokesman (4:32’41” in the YT link above). Here an actual election official admits that, of 113,130 votes counted for Fulton County, they adjudicated 106,000 or 93%! Think about that for a minute. That meant that all but 7% of these ballots in Fulton County were sent to an adjudication folder and an election official panel decided who got what vote!

Not only does this explain the massive statistical anomalies detailed earlier, it also explains why none of this fraud was unearthed in the two recounts that were held. When ballots are adjudicated, the new ballot after adjudication is the only one that is left in the audit trail. Once it is adjudicated, the original ballot in question is deleted and so will NOT show up in a recount. The GA recounts simply recounted the adjudicated ballots, and the original voter intent cannot be rechecked as it has been destroyed with no audit trail of this happening. No explanation has been given as to why vote tallies went backwards, why votes were switched and why Biden won in excess of 90% of the vote in so many precincts when there is no historical precedent of even Obama wining those precincts by anywhere near those lopsided totals.

What was the effect of this and other testimony? The GA Senate Committee issued a unanimous bipartisan recommendation of a full audit of the election in Fulton County. One expert witness’ testimony (see the linked YT clip from 1:03’32” to 2:28’16”), tech wizard and inventor Javon Pulitzer, one of the pioneers of QR code scanning technology, apart from live hacking into a Voter Pad currently in use for the GA Senate runoff elections to once again demonstrate the lie of Dominion’s CEO that none of their hardware is connected to the internet, offered his forensic document examination skills to determine if an absentee ballot was real or a fake on the premise that real absentee ballots will have fold marks and the ballot oval will be filled in with a pen. There are several affidavits from GOP observers from Fulton County stating that some of the absentee ballots they observed being counted were flat, pristine, unfolded and had the voter intention oval filled in as if by a machine printer.

Furthermore, Pulitzer alleged that Fulton County bar coded Republican absentee ballots but not Democrat ballots (see 1:14’37” in the 2nd GA Senate Meeting You Tube linked earlier) so that the GOP coded ballots were designed to cause an error message and be automatically sent to adjudication.

No sooner had the GA Senate Committee passed its audit resolution then the order went out for the stored paper ballots that the committee want to subject to audit to be destroyed. Overstock founder and Trump supporter Patrick Byrne had an operative who infiltrated the warehouse where some of the fraudulent ballots were stored and took a series of photos that he posted to Twitter and observed rental trucks pulling up to take ballots away for military grade shredding. If there was nothing to hide from an audit, why would this be ordered? So many questions with no plausible explanations.

End game

What will happen this week? David did a summary yesterday. On Wednesday January 6th, the Electoral College votes will be opened in a joint session of Congress presided over by Vice President Mike Pence. The Electoral Count Act of 1887 states that if a single member of the House AND the Senate object to any of the Electoral College votes that a debate of at least 2 hours must take place. To date 12 senators have said they will object, and it is said over 100 Members of the House will object. Yesterday VP Pence acknowledged the growing evidence of fraud and indicated his willingness to use the certification process to get to the bottom of the allegations. President Trump has vowed to present a large amount of evidence of electoral fraud to the joint session of Congress although it is unknown if this includes anything new that has not already been presented at the various state legislature hearings. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has proposed the 1877 solution that was used when there were challenges to the ECV arising from the 1876 election where an Electoral Commission comprising of 5 Senators, 5 Congressmen and 5 Justices of the Supreme Court who were empowered to investigate election irregularities and rule which they did 8-7 in favour of Rutherford B Hayes. Cruz is suggesting 10 days to present all the evidence of fraud to allow for the January 20th inauguration. The law gives the Vice President plenary power in this session which essentially means he can go in a number of different directions at his sole discretion and in the 3 prior instances of contested or dueling electors, Vice Presidents have done different things. In 1801 VP Thomas Jefferson accepted the competing electors to ensure his own election to President, in 1961 VP Richard Nixon accepted the original Democrat electors from Hawaii ignoring the competing electors from his own party that, had he accepted them, would’ve ensured his victory over John F Kennedy or Pence could follow the 1877 precedent of an Electoral Commission. He could just order a straight vote on the ECVs by chamber which would result in acceptance of the Biden electors as the Democrats control the House and, whilst Republicans lead the Senate 50 – 48 right now (due to the two current vacant seats in GA subject to the 5/1/21 runoff elections), the GOP likely would face defections from Trump hostile or skeptic Senators like Mitt Romney (Utah), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine). Pence could decide to accept neither set of electors due to the controversy and taint of fraud and, since no candidate gets to 270 as required by the Constitution to be elected then, under Article 12, the election is thrown to the House who vote in this instance by delegation with one vote per state and the vote going to the party that controls the majority of House seats in that state. Since the members of the 118th Congress will be seated and sworn in tomorrow 4/1/21, the partisan delegation split is 26 Republican 22 Democrat with two states locked in a tie. If the vote gets to a 12th Amendment contingent election vote in the House then Trump wins. Pence could also defer to a new Electoral Commission but empower them only to present evidence and then after the production of the evidence, pass the impasse back to the State Legislatures and to ask them to decide on one of the duelling slate of electors. If the evidence of fraud is compelling, some or all of the Republican controlled legislatures in PA, MI, WI, GA and AZ may overturn their original certifications, if not compelling enough then the original electors would stand. Personally, I think that is the best option to put the allegations to bed one way or another. We are in for an exciting week! Thank you all for taking the time to read even if you dislike Trump and thought I was wasting my time.

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