Which group is the most anti-Semitic?

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has done us a service by going into the sewers of the Internet and pulling out anti-Semitic comments from three groups. They are:

  • Ora Gaza
  • Action Zealandia
  • Aotearoa Standing With Palestine

They point out:

To show how similar the anti-Israel and White Supremacist antisemitism is, we have put together a little quiz. See if you can correctly identify where each statement came from.

Go do the quiz and see how many you get right. only got 11/23. Post your scores back here.

Some of the comments are:

  • They’re all Jews the USA into the swamp for the greater plan.
  • Zionist Jews are really bastards, they are worse than animals.
  • We can’t expect anything else from a shitrace of murdering thieves.

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