Another one bites the dust

Stuff reports:

Radio host Sean Plunket has “decided to leave” Magic Talk, according to the company.

He was off-air Tuesday and Wednesday, afterStuff reported crisis talks about his future with the station on Sunday.

Plunket and his bosses at MediaWorks initially declined to comment. On afternoon, MediaWorks chief executive Cam Wallace issued a statement saying Plunket “has decided to leave”.

His exit comes after advertisers threatened a boycott of the station, with concerns about hosts allowing racist rhetoric to air on the station. The incident to spark the boycott, a caller told fill-in host John Banks that Māori culture is “from the Stone Age”, did not involve Plunket.

So Plunket has been forced out because of something John Banks said!

The owners are obviously terrified of the threat from corporates whom determine their advertising policy based on likes on Twitter. Anything controversial must be boycotted.

The only good thing about all this is that the driving out of almost all non-woke voices from broadcasting creates a huge opportunity for others. If I was I’d be looking very keenly at New Zealand.

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