Councillor attacks former Mayor who has had a stroke

Mike Yardley writes:

With the 10th anniversary of the killer just three weeks away, I like many people were stunned and saddened to hear about Sir Bob Parker’s profound battles over the weekend.

The former Christchurch mayor is in a long-term care facility after a major stroke and brain bleed that has left him with limited movement and confined to a wheelchair.

He is 68. …

I found it particularly crass over the weekend to notice one current city councillor on media, rubbished his mayoral record while he is facing the battle of his life.

Rather than wishing him well, this councillor opted to attack his shortcomings in the office instead.

Councillor Melanie Coker – gee there’s nothing like kicking a man when he’s down.

I find that absence of basic humanity repulsive.

Why is it some councillors place a greater premium on political recriminations than exercising basic decency?

A good question.

I note Cr Coker is the former campaign manager for Megan Woods was thrashed by Bob Parker when she stood against him in 2007.

UPDATE: I’ve had sent to me the actual comments made and while they were (IMO) inappropriate, they were not nasty. The exchange was:

Johnny Davies

It has all gone down hill since he left. Get well Sir Bob

Melanie S A Coker

Johnny Davies it’s his Council that meant Christchurch was woefully under insured when the earthquakes hit.

Still ill advised, but not malicious.

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