Palestinian Authority denies donation of Covid-19 vaccines from Israel

J-Wire reports:

transferred 2,000 vaccine doses to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Monday, the first batch of a total of 5,000 doses. …

Despite the transfer of the vaccines morning, the PA’s Ministry of Health denied accepting them, in a move that caused embarrassment among PA officials who found it difficult to explain the denial in light of photos taken at the Beituniya checkpoint of the transfer of the vaccines, a denial that led to the mocking of the PA on social media. Arab-language media sites reported on the transfer of the vaccines, and officials in Ramallah told TPS that the official denial was an embarrassing move while some called the Ministry of Health “liars.”

So even though under the Oslo Accords the responsibility for for those living in Palestinian Authority areas is with the Palestinian Authority, has donated 5,000 doses to the PA.

And the PA flatly lies and denies it has received any vaccines from Israel, despite photographic proof of them receiving them.

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