Smearing Israel

Golriz Ghahraman tweeted this fake headline which is a modern version of the old Jewish blood libel.

It implies is excluding the vaccine from Palestinians. It is a vicious lie designed to smear the Jewish state.

Here’s the facts:

  1. The Oslo Accords (Article VI, 2) between the Palestinian Authority and stipulate that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for healthcare, including vaccinations, for Palestinians in their territory.
  2. The Palestinian Authority has not asked for help from
  3. last year held training courses for medical teams and lab technicians in and donated coronavirus testing kits
  4. The Palestinian Authority has chosen to secure four million Russian-made vaccines against COVID-19 which they are expecting in February
  5. has vaccinated Palestinians who reside in East Jerusalem in line with the Oslo Accords
  6. ’s vaccine operation has run in predominately Arab areas in Israel
  7. The Israeli PM recently visited two Arab cities (in Israel) to encourage more vaccination

The tweet was an offensive smear. But I doubt there will be an apology.

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