Attacking a teacher with a saw is more than “inappropriate behaviour”

Stuff reports:

A Mackenzie College teacher wounded by a student who repeatedly slashed him with a saw, came just centimetres from being paralysed in the arm.

The teacher remains on sick leave after the attack, which happened just over two weeks ago.

Marrek Hignett, the 19-year-old son of the teacher, said his father was “attacked viciously multiple times by a student in his class”.

“He was attacked with a file and then had a saw swung repeatedly into his arm, nearly damaging his nerve endings and permanently paralysing his arm,” Hignett said.

My expectation is that the student who did is charged by the Police and expelled from the school.

sector enablement and support deputy secretary Katrina Casey said she was aware of the incident, and had been in contact with the school.

“We can confirm that the school has policies and procedures in place to manage inappropriate behaviour.

“The school also has a plan in place to make sure the student transitions back into school, and it is clear that the safety of everyone involved is a priority. We will provide guidance and support, as needed.”

An attack with a saw is not merely inappropriate behaviour.

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