Good to see humour not illegal in New Plymouth

Stuff reports:

A photo of four female bar staff insinuating “size matters” will not be coming down from its position above a New Plymouth pub’s urinal, the owner says.

Doc van Praagh, owner of Crowded House Bar and Eatery, said he hadn’t received a single complaint about the snapshot of his bar managers looking over the men’s urinal sporting various expressions.

He said the photo, which features one of the women holding a tape measure while another looked shocked as she pointed downward, was just a bit of fun.

I’m sure the vast majority of locals love it.

The picture has been the subject of social media discussion in Taranaki, with one male patron who visited the bar labelling it problematic in that it objectified men, and created a double-standard.

It would never be acceptable to display a picture of men judging women’s anatomy in a female bathroom, he said.

And a spokeswoman for Gender Equal New Zealand said the image reinforced harmful gender norms and sexualised depictions of people.

Some people really need to lighten up.

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