This explains everything!

Stuff reports:

A woman convicted and fined for conducting a “relentless campaign” against her neighbours may have been acting in a way that reflected her cultural difference, a court has heard.

Napier woman Mary O’Neill was sentenced on Tuesday for four charges related to harassing a couple and their two young children who live next door.

This is the latest in multiple stories about this woman.

The first offence occurred within hours of her leaving the Hastings District Court following a two-day hearing in which she and her neighbour Peter Malcouronne were issued restraining orders following months of hostility.

You have to be very malicious to break a restraining order with hours of it being granted.

A long-time member of the Alliance political party, she ran for the Napier electorate seat in 2014 and 2011. She won 59 votes in 2014 and 48 in 2011.

Now it all makes sense 🙂

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