Bay of Plenty has largest increase in violent crime

The Rotorua Daily Post reported:

In Rotorua, acts intended to cause injury, and theft and related offences were the highest they have been. Sexual assault and related offences were equal-highest with 2019.

And in Tauranga, sexual assault and related offences, theft and related offences, and robbery, extortion and related offences were higher than they have been in the past five years.

This got me interested in which areas have had the largest increases in violent crimes (formally acts intended to cause injury). So collated the data below.

Bay of Plenty52.7%        6,950        4,550
47.4%        6,329        4,294
Central35.5%        6,086        4,492
28.5%        2,432        1,893
Waitemata28.3%        4,503        3,510
NZ22.6%     61,423     50,105
22.2%        6,982        5,712
Counties/Manukau17.2%        9,577        8,169
Eastern17.0%        5,214        4,458
Canterbury11.6%        4,986        4,467
Tasman0.3%        1,941        1,935
Auckland City-0.5%        3,688        3,706
Southern-6.3%        2,735        2,919

As you can see the Bay of Plenty has had the largest increase in violent crime with a staggering 53% increase since 2017. Close behind is the on 47%.

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