Who’s telling the truth?

Newshub reports:

The COVID positive KFC worker, known as Case L, has told Newshub she’s upset the Prime Minister told the country she should have been self-isolating, as the official advice she got was that she didn’t need to.

She says she and her family have been ridiculed online, and wants an apology.

Case L tested positive on Friday February 26 after being shifted to quarantine with her family. She had attended work on Tuesday February 22.

When asked whether Case L should have been isolating rather than working, the Prime Minister answered: “Look, yes they should have”. …

Case L, the KFC worker said not only did she not receive any information from anyone instructing her to isolate, the information her sister, Case I, received was the complete opposite of what officials have claimed.

On February 14, Case I, received a text message stating: “casual contacts to isolate and test – their families don’t need to”.

Case L saw message – so went to work. They’ve since been harassed online. …

The Prime Minister’s Office said letters from public health were sent to the family on the 17th and 19th telling the household they needed to be tested. 

But case L’s family said such advice was never received. 

“If they tried to contact us multiple times and send us letters and stuff, where is evidence?” She said.

It is concerning that the is saying something very different to the Case L.

wouldn’t jump to assumptions over who is correct. Surely what should occur is a public release of all communications between agencies and Case L and Case I. Then we can judge for ourselves.

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