Do we believe DPMC or the PM?

Stuff reports:

The ’s own Unite against Covid-19 page appears to contradict the prime minister’s claims a worker at KFC broke the rules when she was required to isolate.

Case L, who is a sibling of a Papatoetoe High School student (Case I) who tested positive, went to work at KFC in Botany Downs on February 22 and 23, then tested positive three days later while in quarantine.

She believes she was unfairly singled out by the prime minister for not self-isolating, and said she was given official advice to the contrary. …

But when the subject was raised on the Unite against Covid-19 Facebook page on February 26, a response in the comments section from the Covid-19 team said Case L was not required to isolate at the time.

was because there was no advice at that stage for household members of casual plus contacts at the school to self-isolate or get a test.

“The family complied with the advice they were given at the time,” the post read.

The Unite Against Covid-19 page is run by the Department of PM and Cabinet.

So DPMC says Case L did not break the rules while the PM says she did.

Who do we believe?

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