Garner says vaccination programme is failing

Duncan Garner writes:

It’s pretty clear to me New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination programme has some serious problems.

It’s a flop, it’s behind time, it’s tardy, it’s slow – in other words ‘it’s failing’.

There simply aren’t enough professional vaccinators and in many ways the robustness and capability of our workforce has been found out. 

To vaccinate the entire country we need to be doing 30,000 immunisations a day, seven days a week but we can’t and we haven’t.

We’re doing an underwhelming 5000 a day and at rate, get this, it’ll take 5 years to vaccinate the country.

We don’t have a shortage of vaccines (for now). We don’t have a shortage of vaccinators (half are not working). What we are lacking is a that can co-ordinate and manage a mass vaccination programme of 30,000 a day.

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