Islamic party holds balance of power in Israel

MSN reports:

The head of a conservative Islamic party who has emerged as a kingmaker following Israel’s latest inconclusive election called for change Thursday, without endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu or his rivals.

After last week’s vote, Abbas said he was open to negotiating with the pro-Netanyahu camp and with the ideologically divided group of parties seeking to oust the veteran prime minister.   

On Thursday, Abbas quoted the Koran and said he was “a proud Arab and Muslim”, unprecedented remarks for a leader tasked with the role of tiebreaker in Israeli coalition politics. 

Abbas, 46, heads the Raam party that won four seats in Israel’s March 23 vote. 

Rather interesting that the usual suspects smear Israel as an apartheid state the the balance of power is held by a proud Arab and Muslim.

In reality Arabs and Muslims have greater democratic and in Israel than in almost any other country in the Middle East, or at least the neighbouring ones.

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