No discharge please

The Herald reports:

A former Instagram glamour model threatened to blow up a plane from Melbourne to Auckland after demanding a glass of wine.

Hannah Lee Pierson, 31, was charged over the dramatic mid-flight disturbance on an Air flight on November 7 last year. …

After the crew began serving food and beverage, Pierson requested a glass of wine.

But when crew told her that her ticket did not cover wine, and that she would need to buy one from the menu, she began abusing a member of the flight crew.

“I don’t give a f***, get me a f****** wine,” she yelled at the top of her voice, the summary of facts states.

She then stood up and yelled: “I’ll f****** get it myself, give me the f****** wine” and called the attendant a “b****”.

As Pierson tried to leave her seat, crew managed to divert her into a vacant row of and hold her there.

Pierson then grabbed a crew member’s arm in a tight grip, squeezing hard.

She began making movements with her head that caused other staff members to believe she was going to head-butt the crew member, the summary says.

Pierson continuously tried to get out of her seat, with crew especially concerned, given that she was near an emergency exit.

Several times, she then yelled: “Get me a f****** wine or I’ll blow up the plane”.

Crew handcuffed her, then strapped her to the chair using spare seatbelts.

Her tirade continued with “total disregard for the other passengers in the vicinity that included young children”.

About 90 minutes before arriving at Auckland Airport, she fell asleep.

But when she woke up on landing, she continued her verbal abuse.

After pleading guilty today, her lawyer said she intended to apply for a discharge without conviction, saying a conviction would have travel consequences.

Her behaviour should have consequences. She should not be travelling. If I had my way I’d give her 30 days in prison. Her behaviour was despicable and being drunk is no excuse. Very few people would act like she does, even if pissed.

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