Still no effective testing regime at the border

Newshub reports:

authorities have made a sudden change to a policy about high-risk border workers after Newshub asked questions about the Ministry of Health’s testing processes.

COVID-19 Response Chris Hipkins revealed to Newshub on Friday he intends to make reporting to the Government’s testing register mandatory for all border employees amid revelations it wasn’t known how many of them had been swabbed.

“All relevant employers have had a specific duty to keep records of testing since last year,” Hipkins said.

“However, last month, to make the system clearer and easier to administer, I signalled my intention to make reporting to the register mandatory for all relevant employers at the border.

Staggering that after a year of Covid-19, had not already happened.

The Government is literally unable to tell us (or know itself) which frontline workers have or have not been tested.

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