27 standard drinks in four hours

Stuff reports:

A Canterbury businessman died from a fall after drinking 3.5 litres of beer and up to 1.7 litres of wine in less than four hours.

That’s 27 standard in four hours or one drink every nine minutes.

A coroner’s report into the 47-year-old man’s death, released publicly on Monday, warned of the danger of intoxication and the importance of monitoring a head injury after the man fell backwards while drunk at Christchurch’s Carlton Bar and Restaurant.

If he didn’t fall he may have died from poisoning!

After the man’s death, the Regulatory and Licensing Authority ruled Carlton staff should have noticed the man’s intoxication levels in the last 45 minutes he was there.

It suspended the bar’s on-license for eight days at the end of 2019, including New Year’s Eve, and the manager’s certificate for 28 days.

A fair call.

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