Say no to 16% rates increases for Wellington

TVNZ reports:

The capital city had consulted on a rise of 13.53 per cent as part of its long-term plan, but extra costs were added in on Friday lifting the proposal to 15.99 per cent.

The latter proposal from Mayor Andy Foster will be discussed at the long-term plan committee meeting on Thursday.

The costs included $1.8 million for the regional council, $1.2 million for the Kiwi Point Quarry and $1.2 million for the Pōneke Promise – changes and upgrades to make the central city safer.

Councillor Nicola Young said the updated proposal was shocking.

“I have been concerned for quite some time that councillors seem to have a Father Christmas wishlist, as indeed do a lot of Wellingtonians and they need to think about where the money is coming from.

“The proposed rates rise has put this in stark reality.”

She did not support increased debt and said cutting costs was the best option.

Nicola is absolutely right. WCC needs to cut costs and not treat ratepayers as an unlimited source of income.

Inflation is running at under 2%. Wage growth is around 3%. Any rates increase above 5% is just spending gone wild.

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