Leave Len alone

NewstalkZb reports:

One of Auckland’s biggest sex scandals is set to hit the small screen.

The story of former Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s affair with ex council adviser Bevan Chuang will be told in a made for TV movie.

The movie is called Princess of Chaos and will receive $2.6 million from NZ on air.

Chuang made headlines in 2013 when her two year affair with Brown was revealed days after his successful re-election campaign.

Former Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Chris Finlayson told The Weekend Collective that, objectively, he would not fund it, but bodies like NZ on Air and Arts Council are at “arms length” from ministers, and this is the kind of “stupid decisions” these bodies make.

“20 odd years ago, the Arts Council decided to fund the Venice Bienalle, and the star attraction was going to be a donkey braying in a toilet.”

He says that it’s unfair to Brown to put this story back out there, and “some decency” should be shown to his family. 

I agree with Finlayson.

Len Brown had sex with someone he wasn’t married to. Why does that need to be made into a TV movie, let alone get $2.6 million from taxpayers?

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