Napier living in fear

Stuff reports:

Gang activity in Napier has led to locals being far more fearful about their safety than they used to be.

A survey of 597 local people, undertaken in February, has revealed that 44 per cent of locals felt the city was not a safe place to live. That compares to just 17 per cent last year, and 19 per cent in 2019.

An increase from 17% to 44% is massive. That’s an extra 18,000 people in one city who now say they are scared for their safety in their city. And the same will be the case in many other provincial cities.

Gang activity and presence came through as the biggest safety concern, with “Get rid of gangs” and “Ban gang patches” the most cited suggestions to improve safety.

Fifty-five per cent of respondents said gangs were the greatest safety concern.

Labour seems to be the worst of both worlds – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

And all but one of the responses were received prior to a gang shooting outside popular bars at West Quay on February 28.

So would be higher now.

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