When will this minority be helped?

Because certain demographics have unequal outcomes, we are told this means the system is broken and we must make changes to reduce these inequalities. That people shouldn’t face a life of lesser outcomes because of an inalienable characteristic they can’t control. The fact one gender may be paid less on average or one race has worse health outcomes is all blamed on the system.

So let’s look at the very significant disadvantages another minority has compared to the average male. They are:

  • 14% greater risk of heart disease
  • Perform slightly worse on IQ tests
  • Less likely to be a CEO
  • Get paid around $166,000 less over 30 years
  • 13% greater risk of strokes
  • Less likely to be promoted
  • 50% more likely to have dementia
  • More likely to have depression
  • Less likely to be elected to office
  • 9% more likely to commit suicide

Where are the Government initiatives to close the gaps for this minority? Surely if an inequality of outcome is deemed unacceptable for some demographics, it should be for all demographics.

To find out what this minority is, scroll down.

The minority is men of below average height.

And this post is making a serious point. It is to point out that there are numerous characteristic people may have that can indicate less favourable outcomes on average. They are not just gender or ethnicity. They can be height, attractiveness, charisma and even hair cover, Yes baldness means more likely to have severe Covid-19 consequences, heart disease and worse mental health.

Now this is not an argument for saying we shouldn’t worry at all about unequal outcomes for certain demographics. But the media seem obsessed with them for just two demographics, and also lazily suggest is all the result of discrimination, rather than the more complex truth.

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