A Key Purpose of Government – those in need!

As astute Kiwiblog readers will know one of the key functions of government is to care for those who – in a moment – or over a lifetime – struggle to care for themselves.

Wikipedia actually does a pretty good job of describing the nature and processes of our democracy here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Government

The “opposition” is supposed to function to hold the government to account and the more dysfunctional the more the government can take liberties. The media is also assumed to have a key role in keeping the government focussed on “what matters.”

Having known Mike King for a good few years now and seeing his work with young people I am dismayed by all of the entities described above. Mike’s passion is the mental well-being of New Zealanders – especially the young. It blows my mind that in the year to June 2020 we had 654 Kiwis take their own lives in our small, beautiful nation. A government (clearly including the bureaucrats) opposition and media need to be looking for every opportunity to improve this situation. Mike and his organisations are by no means the complete solution but given all that we have spent on covid – with 6.4% the annual deaths of suicide- Mike King’s programmes have to we worth $5m per annum.

The treatment of Mike King by the Ministry of Health officials is a national disgrace.

This Wednesday – 7th of July – we have Mike in one of NZ’s smallest towns – the beautiful Russell – Bay of Islands. He is doing a support event at Eagle’s Nest (12:30 – 2pm).

Mike is then speaking from 3 – 4pm at the Nauti Penguin and from 5:30 – 7pm at the Russell Boating Club – taking his message of hope and support to small town NZ. If you can motivate media to be here – please do.

Having Mike’s counselling programme funded through the Ministry of Health simply NEEDS to happen. We have invited Ashley Bloomfied as we can facilitate a face-to-face. The last word from his PA was that he hadn’t discounted the trip. Please ask him to be here – or at least very senior officials (Ashley.Bloomfield@health.govt.nz)

This is a moment for the young people of NZ.

Alwyn Poole
Villa Education Trust

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