Ban the prick

The ODT reports:

A repeat cat abuser has been banned from ownership for nine months — ”a disgrace” according to one feline advocate.

Tereariki Moses (40) beat a cat to death with a plank of wood in 2018 and was back before the Dunedin District Court yesterday, after admitting throwing his pet against a wall while police questioned him about an unrelated matter in March.

Judge David Robinson opted for a ”purely rehabilitative approach” and sentenced Moses to nine months’ supervision. …

Judge Robinson imposed the nine-month disqualification on Moses specifically having a cat.

He would be allowed to own other animals during that period.

WTF. After he beat a cat to death he should be banned for life from owing a cat, or other pet. And now he abuses a cat again, and gets a slap on the hand and in under a year can get another cat to torture.

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