Charlie Chaplain cancelled by Canterbury

The Herald reports:

A week after excitedly announcing Chaplin: The Musical as its spring show, the University of Canterbury Musical Theatre Society (MUSOC) cancelled the planned performance after concerns were raised about his scandalous past.

Announcing The Addams Family Musical will replace Chaplin, the society said on Facebook some members had raised concerns about the selected show.

“Members of the club have raised concerns about the selected 2021 spring show Chaplin: The Musical, with regards to the predatory and inappropriate conduct of Charlie Chaplin during his life and career,” it said.

Julius Caesar was also a notorious womaniser and worse an alleged ar criminal. Should plays about him also be cancelled?

Totally up to MUSOC as to what they perform, but dropping a show you had already agreed to do because no doubt one person complained is silly. Doing a play about someone isn’t endorsing everything they ever did. It is reflecting they had a huge impact on society and Chaplin was one of the most important figures in the history of film. He rose out of poverty where he was a child labourer at age nine. Ironically he was a prominent leftist whom the FBI smeared as a communist.

Anyway the real irony is that they have cancelled Charlie to replace him with The Addams Family Musical. Guess who the Producer of that was?

Yes Harvey Weinstein. He probably gets some of the 10% royalty for performances so by cancelling Charlie, they are funding Harvey during his prison stint. What a great blow for justice.

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