Demand the Debate

Judith Collins announced:

Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says New Zealanders are being left out of important decisions by the Labour Government and today she has launched a campaign for Kiwis to ‘Demand the debate’.

“The Labour Government continues to make policy announcements that were never campaigned on and will have a significant impact on New Zealanders.

“From the Car Tax, cancelling promised infrastructure projects, the $785m Auckland cycle bridge, rushed law changes to deliver Māori wards, to the hastily announced oil and gas exploration ban; New Zealanders are starting to feel left out.

Yep the Government is forcing through major changes which either they didn’t campaign on, or they actually promised the opposite of.

“At the same time more than 4000 children are left to grow up in motels, mental health services are in crisis, the Government is looking to criminalise speech they disapprove of and tell you what car you can drive.

On the stuff they did promise, they have almost without exception failed miserably at.

“Every week, I’m contacted by thousands of Kiwis who are worried they just don’t have a say in the future of their country anymore. They’re being kept in the dark and their questions go unanswered by Ardern’s Government. So today, we launch the first in a series of billboards on important issues that Kiwis deserve to have their say on.

We’ve already seen the Maori Party say they do not belong in democracy or one person, one vote.

You can read about He Puapua here, and support the campaign to demand a debate.

This issue is just the first of many which National will bne highlighting as worthy of debate, rather than just being kept away from the public.

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