A death porn film

Newshub reports:

Newshub has been leaked a copy of an early draft script of the planned Hollywood movie They Are Us, which contains a graphic reconstruction of the March 15 terror attack.

We have shown the version of the script obtained by Newshub to some of the victims, who describe it as worse than the terrorist’s livestream of the 2019 atrocity.

The 124-page script is currently being circulated in the international film industry with New Zealand-born writer Andrew Niccol telling Deadline last month: “They Are Us is not so much about the attack but the response to the attack”.

However, the leaked draft reveals:

The attack takes place over 17 pages, which would translate to around 17 minutes on film – meaning it’d play out virtually in real-time

15 deaths are depicted in graphic detail, almost all of them named victims

Many more woundings are also shown.

Salwa Mohamad’s husband Khaled and son Hamza Mustafa were murdered at the Al Noor Mosque. She has not been approached by the producers of They Are Us and is horrified at the idea of her loved ones featuring in the film.

The script extracts are horrifying. Are those involved in this movie devoid of empathy?

If this film gets one cent of taxpayer money, there will be a riot.

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