Death porn film even worse than expected

Newshub reports:

Newshub can reveal the early draft script of the They Are Us film is a Hollywood rewrite of New Zealand history. …

Bridges, who was Leader of the Opposition at the time, is described in the script as looking “conservative” with a “very electable haircut”.

He’s portrayed as deeply opposed to Ardern’s firearm law reforms, and at one point delivers the line: “Come for our guns, you might get bullets.”

In another scene, he points to an assault rifle and says: “If one of those worshippers had one of these they could have stopped this tragedy in seconds.”

In reality, Bridges actually supported the law change.

“This scripting is entirely inaccurate and offensive. We immediately supported the ban,” Bridges told Newshub about the draft They Are Us script.

The death porn film needs a hero (Jacinda) and a villain so not content with the actual terrorist they smear Bridges as someone who parrots NRA lines.

David Seymour is one New Zealand political leader who has been left out of the draft script entirely.

In his place is a fictional character ‘Solomon Marsh’, a devout Christian who confronts Jacinda Ardern for wearing a hijab.

He’s the leader of a made-up party called the Independent Party and is Ardern’s arch-nemesis on gun law changes, often regurgitating arguments commonly made by the powerful NRA lobby of the United States.

And a second made up villain.

This is a work of fiction designed for US audiences. They are aiming to make millions of dollars by exploiting the pain of those killed in the attack.

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