Meet Harry

Meet Harry Tam, whom Jacinda describes as a public servant. He’s one of those whom Jacinda and Grant gave $2.75 million to for “drug rehabilitation”.

Some key quotes:

  • “In our day we did the fuck what we liked and we got away with it”
  • “Come September this year there is going to be this thing called a general election and we all know the leader of the National Party is ganging up on us”
  • “We can turn in to twenty or thirty thousand votes”
  • “We don’t need to take this shit from these cunts”
  • “Register to vote otherwise that motherfucker will get in and your lives will be hell”
  • “We’re the mighty fucking Mongrel Mob and we don’t take shit from any cunt, and why should we take it from them”
  • “Sieg Heil to the Mongrel Mob for another 1,000 years”

No wonder Labour gave him $2.75 million if was going around that country urging the Mongrel Mob chapters to enrol and vote against National.

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