Police Association slam Mob funding

The Police Association states:

Association President Chris Cahill has been contacted by officers asking why they should even bother making the huge commitment and taking the risks they do to bring to account gangs who are armed, dangerous, and dealing meth on a massive scale, when the money is just going to go back to the gangs.

“One officer likened it to the most successful money laundering scheme he’d heard. Police take $2m of dirty money – as they recently did from the Notorious chapter of the Mongrel Mob in Operation Dusk in Hawke’s Bay – and the Government returns $2.75m in clean money to people so closely linked to the same gang,” Mr Cahill says.

Great deal for the gang. They have Police take $2 million off them and Jacinda gives them $2.75 million back!

“Association members are clearly angry that Police hierarchy and the Ministry of Health consider a gang such as Notorious Mongrel Mob, which is responsible for the majority of meth dealing in central Hawke’s Bay, should now be trusted stewards of millions of dollars to fix a problem they are instrumental in creating.”

This is the key point. The Notorious Mongrel Mob are drug dealers. They import and manufacture the meth which causes havoc in Hawke’s Bay. To them see them as part of the solution, is crazy.

“It is difficult to understand how those who promote the need for drug rehabilitation seem blind to the dreadful optics of this Mongrel Mob scenario – let alone have faith in this multi-million-dollar scheme to do anything but line the pockets of key gang leaders.”

The so called rehabilitation scheme is a rort. The activities such as gardening in the Mob chapter boss’ yard does not cost millions of dollars to provide. They will be making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars profit from this contract.

The association asks for this money to be funnelled to legitimate addiction services in provincial New Zealand who are crying out for such help.

Exactly. There are many excellent providers of such services.

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