Cuba criminalises online criticism of regime

The Miami Herald reports:

Dissenting on social media is now a crime in communist Cuba after the government on Tuesday published sweeping legislation labeling those who criticize the government as cyberterrorists.

Now that’s a hate speech law. If you hate the regime, you go to jail.

Those who use social media to oppose the government or “subvert the constitutional order” risk being treated as “cyberterrorists,” according to the new Ministry of Communications’ Resolution 105. Calls to “alter public order” and “promoting social indiscipline” are considered attempts at social subversion with a “very high” level of danger.

Sharing content “that violates the constitutional, social and economic precepts of the State” or “incites mobilizations or other acts that alter public order” is considered a “highly dangerous” incident, as is spreading false news, offensive content, or content that damages the country’s reputation.

Being opposed to prison time for subverting the constitutional order or social and economic precepts of the state is like being opposed to prison time for saying offensive things that the Government deems hateful

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