Vaccination rates

Some interesting data in the latest vaccination rates. As of 14 September we had 30% of the population full vaccinated and 58% partially vaccinated.

The full vaccination rates by ethnicity differ greatly:

  1. Asians 41%
  2. Europeans 37%
  3. Pacific 31%
  4. Maori 23%

It would be worth looking at why the Asian vaccination rate is so high, and how that can be emulated rather than blaming racism on any differences.

But what is interesting in looking at the low rates for Maori and Pacific is it is younger Maori and Pasifika only. The rates compared to the non-Maori non-Pasifika population is:

  • Maori 65+: 1.01
  • Maori 50 to 64: 0.98
  • Pasifika 65+ 0.92
  • Pasifika 50 to 64: 1.25

So this strongly suggests there is not a systematic barrier to Maori and Pasifika getting vaccinated as those aged 50+ are doing so at the same rates as non Maori and Pasifika. The lag is with those aged under 50. So rather than cry racism, the real question should be why are older Maori and Pasifika vaccinating, but not younger ones?

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