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Jackie Foster is the mother of Jamie Foster who was convicted of sexual violations and indecent assault in April 2020 however his mother claims the justice system failed her son which resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

She believes the issues in the system go beyond just her son’s case and she is fighting not only for her son, but for all other males who may face the same system in the future. She believes everyone deserves a fair chance.

While I am aware that Foster was convicted and his appeal turned down last November and leave to appeal at the Supreme Court was denied, I have read Jackie’s story with ongoing interest.

I think it is important for everyday people to be able to raise public issues around the justice system which they think is unfair. So I’m blogging Jackie’s story below. So people can read her side of the story after I believe most have read the mainstream media stories published over the past year including a recently deleted story on mainstream media she states was full of errors.

In doing so, I am not taking a position on the convictions. I just strongly believe that people should be able to make the case in public against a conviction, as have seen with the David Bain, Peter Ellis, Mark Lundy etc

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