Collins on the Government not doing its job

Judith Collins writes:

Legislation coming at Kiwis includes:

Fair Pay Agreements that sound soft and kind, until we realise that they are nothing but a return to compulsory unionism and the nationwide awards system that stifled New Zealand’s innovation, drive, and success before 1991. The only place they seemed not to operate was in the owner-occupied businesses known as family farms. No wonder farming led innovation and the adoption of new technology.

Three Waters; which is accompanied by what should be declared false advertising – $4 million of taxpayers money spent on advertisements seemingly trying to convince Kiwis that our drinking water isn’t safe. For the record, it’s a crock. And $710 million spent by Government from the Covid-19 Recovery Fund, essentially bribing local councils to fall into line. …

Putting that aside, what is really behind Three Waters is a wish to take the assets of local government, and put the governance into four groups half appointed by councils and half by iwi.

It has little to do with water quality and a lot to do with control.

You might ask, “what of He Puapua?” Well, that’s the roadmap that the Ardern Government seems to be sticking to. Clearly, it is the only plan that they seem to have. KiwiBuild, the plan to build 100,000 houses in 10 years, was a $2 billion flop.

It’s not a total flop. After four years they have finally made 1% of their total!!

Thankfully, National has a Covid plan. We’re asking the Government to adopt it. The lot of it. Not just a bit. Do it now.

Then we start rebuilding the economy. That means rebuilding trust. Trust that the Government won’t take more. Trust that the Government won’t make it harder to build a home, to have a home, to take a punt on being in business.

That also means, embracing new technology. That means taking New Zealand to the top in the world’s education ratings. That means getting our kids to understand that maths and science are fun. That coding is awesome. That it is the way to open their opportunities. That technology is the way forward. That increased productivity doesn’t mean working more hours for less, but working fewer hours for more output and income.

That means, embracing success. That means ridding ourselves of the notion that turning up is enough. That means deciding to be the best we can. Every, single one of us. That must be us.

That’s what we can do. That’s what this country needs.

And, in the meantime, can the Government please stop telling everyone to “be kind”, until it decides to be competent.

Everytime I see an NZTA billboard demanding I “be kind”, it has the opposite effect on me.

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