Crs vote themselves to pocket colleague’s salary

Stuff reports:

Wellington city councillors will split a retired colleague's six-figure salary amongst themselves rather than appoint a replacement or donate the difference to .

The contempt for ratepayers is staggering.

The council also voted down an amendment by councillor suggesting councillors pay back the equivalent amount of additional remuneration to the Council or some other charity.

The amendment would have been non-binding, on the advice of council staff.

Pannett​ said she felt uncomfortable voting to give herself a pay raise while many workers and businesses were struggling due to Covid-19.

On this issue Pannett is dead right. The extra remuneration should simply be paid back to Council.

The amendment lost 10-4, with Iona Pannett, Laurie Foon, Sarah Free, and Mayor in favour of donating the salary difference.

Well done those four.

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